YG-200 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How large or heavy a gate can the gate opener handle.

A: 3m or 220kg per leaf(side) which is 10 feet or 440lb

Q: Will this gate opener push to open and pull to open?

A: The gate opener is capable of push to open or pull to open, see http://www.gatekeeperltd.com/install_tips.html for details.

Q: I'm having trouble with the gate opener. My problem is that my opener opens too far and or closes too far. This model claims: Self Learning Opening / Closing Limit Capability. But no where can I find how to do this.

A: Refer to Fig.3 of the owner's manual, simply install the retainer (stop block) at the positions where you want the gate opened and closed. The gate will stop after it hits the retainers at the opened or closed position.  

Q: My question is that it appears my kit came with two openers for the same side, I know this because on one side the cover attaches so that the exposed shaft is facing the fence, while the other one is the opposite.

A: While the shaft is keyed for the hood, once it has been installed, it takes just a little force to rotate the entire hood and assembly to any position you desire.  BOTH SIDES ARE IDENTICAL, there is no right or left side opener.

Q:  Can I order additional remotes? 

A:  Yes, additional remotes are available from your dealer. To find a dealer, go to www.gatekeeperltd.com/dealers

Q:  Can the remotes be used to open other things like garage door openers?

A:   That is up to the manufacturer of the garage door opener or other device, follow his instructions for “Learning” and press a key on the gate opener remote when prompted.  The remote uses 433Mhz frequency hopping.  It may work with some manufacturers, but is untested and unsupported by Gatekeeper.

Q:  Can another remote, for instance a garage door opener remote, be used to control the gatekeeper gate opener?

A:   Follow the “Learning” process in the manual and press the button on the 3rd party remote when prompted.  It may work with some manufacturers, but is untested and unsupported by Gatekeeper.

Q:  What is the guarantee on these items?

A:  For one year from the date of purchase, the unit is guaranteed to be free of defects from materials and workmanship.  Any repair or replacement performed under this warranty will be through the dealer.  To find a dealer, go to www.gatekeeperltd.com/dealers  To be eligible, the owner must register the item with the manufacturer by emailing register@gatekeeperltd.com  For more information read the entire warranty in the back of the product manual.

Q: Does this unit work with solar panels?

A: This unit uses AC motors, and thus cannot work directly with solar panels which are DC.  An apparatus could be setup including an inverter to store the DC in a battery and then provide it to the gate opener as AC.  This is not supported by Gatekeeper Tech Support.


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