Q: My current unit started slowing down on travel and now it will only start to open and then stops

A: Please check your battery, it may not be charging or A/C power may have been interrupted.

How many control board are there in SKC-600DC? Are the boards joining together as one?

A: There is only one control board in the SKC-600DC, but it has two pieces on it. The lower part has most of the circuitry on it, whereas the upper part only has one bit of circuitry to it. That is your limit switch.

I bought new remote control for my gate opener but it will not work?

A: First, check if the battery has enough power, use multimeter or battery tester and should have at least have 12V. Press the “learn” button on the control board (wait 1 second)

Press the button on the remote control (wait 1 second)

Press the button on the remote control again (wait 1 second)

Press the button on the remote control for the third time (wait 1 second), the gate should move or respond

After checking the magnet alignment, it still doesn’t work?

Place the gate in the middle of its travel and test that from this position the gate can move either direction.  Do this by clicking the button then after it has moved one direction about a foot or two clicks the button again.  The gate should stop, then click the button again.  The gate should move the other direction.  If it passes this test then it is the magnet alignment.  What happens is the magnet gets mistakenly placed where it trips both the close and open sensor because they are positioned vertically.  Once this happens the gate will not activate in either direction because the controller is confused

How do I check magnet alignment on my SKC-600DC?

A: Remove your magnet from the gate and hold it in your hand.  Remove the blue cover from your control box.  Face the control box so that the battery cover is facing toward you.  Press the button on your remote control to activate the gate.  With the magnet in your Right hand, slowly run the magnet up the Right side of your control box just until it causes the motor to stop.  Hold the magnet there and press the button on the remote control again to activate the motor.  Run the magnet up a little more until it stops the motor.  If the magnet fails to stop the motor in either of those positions, then the magnetic switch is malfunctioning.  If it works, then the magnet needs to be adjusted when reinstalled onto your gate.  I hope this makes sense.  Please let me know the outcome so that we can take this further if necessary.

The manual does not say which one (U,V,W) takes the black wire, white wire, etc. from my AC power

A:  Your wires are interchangeable black or white.  They plug into that block wherever the other two wires are already attached to the other side of the block.  You may attach your ground wire to the base if you choose, but it is not required.

Do you have to use both a battery and 110V AC line for the SKC-600DC?

A:  Yes.

What is the warranty and how do I get service under the warranty?

A:  The warranty is for 1 year and includes parts and labor to repair the gate opener.  The repair is not onsite, we will either ship a replacement part to you or ask that you ship a part to us for repair.  If it is an electrical fault we will ask that you ship us your control board and then we will ship you a replacement control board.  If you would like us to advance ship you the control board before we receive yours then we will ask for a credit card but we will not charge the card as long as you return the bad part.  For mechanical issues like linear actuators or sliding gate motors, we will ask that you ship the item to our facility and we will repair it and return it to you.  The following form can be used to initiate a repair either within the warranty period or outside the warranty period.

What are IR photo cells and what do they do?

A:  Tthey are a safety device, if a child / animal car etc breaks the beam then the gate stops

A: No, photocells (included in the kit) are a safety feature.

Can this gate be opened automatically

The gate can be opened automatically by smart phone (OSM device), magnetic loop, keypad, card reader or any other optional accessory that supports the normally open momentary switch interface of the gate opener controller.

What type and gauge of wire should I use for the photocells? I note that the receiver requires 4 strands

A: We recommend 16 or 18 gauge wire for the photocells

I want to keep the gate open for an extended period, how do I do that?

A: To keep the gate open, disengage the auto close function. It is a dip switch setting. Follow the instructions in the manual.

Can another remote, for instance a garage door opener remote, be used to control the gatekeeper gate opener?

A: Follow the “Learning” process in the manual and press the button on the 3rd party remote when prompted. It may work with some manufacturers, but is untested and unsupported by Gatekeeper.

Q: Can I order additional remotes?

A: Yes, additional remote controls are available from your dealer.

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